Why your Business needs an E-commerce Mobile App?

ecommerce mobile app

Changes in Technology

Emerging E-commerce Mobile App.!

Over the past few decades, the growth of technology has impacted the human life significantly. With the spread of the pandemic, we are adapting to the new rules of life.

The shopping modes have been changed drastically. People are shopping online today more than ever before and e-commerce has become a part of life. The power of internet has made people to shop without going to malls and markets. Nowadays, efficiency is about how getting things done with less physical movement.

Revolutionary changes are happening in product research, buying trends, negotiation styles, brand priorities. Businesses are re-engineering to scale up their profitability. Sales equations have changed ever since. Reaching the fingertips of customers who think about the product is the triumph card of this century. Yes, we are talking about e-commerce mobile apps.!

Engaging with your Customers

Digital presence is essential to remain in the century’s race. As a business owner, you should realize that your e-commerce store will not reach its full potential with a website alone. The reality is, every business owner is racing with international players. Those giants are waiting to snatch your loyal customers if you fail to update your business with current technologies and trends.

So, the only way is to reach and communicate with your customers every single day. You send a mail, to leave it unopened. SMS, we know, these days we don’t use SMS other than various OTP purposes. Nobody will have the patience to listen to your calls. Then what?

The answer is to hit at their fingertips with a sneak peek of your product, with a push notification. It is the only sure shot method of reaching your customer. Your business is in their mobile, as a tiny icon, in the form of an e-commerce mobile app!

Branding your E-commerce Business

Once the customers install your e-commerce business app on their smart phone, your business brand will be recognized and will be a part of their life activities. You can develop the relationship with your customers on a daily basis.

One time registration is required and your customers can navigate through all your products and shop online. They will visit your e-commerce business more often when it is there on their mobile, which they become more loyal.

It will be easy to analyze the customer engagements with you based on time, location & duration. Reminding them about the products they left in the e-commerce cart will give you positive results. You can surprise them with the offers according to their interest.

Remember, every customer of the century prefers faster & convenient methods of shopping experience. And they know that nothing else than a compact icon on their mobile can offer them all. Our technical experts in NetZoi Technologies will help you in developing the perfect e-commerce mobile apps for your business.

M-commerce is the new Trend

We will be free of pandemics again, but the comfort of convenience will be with us as a blessing in disguise. There lies the importance of mobile e-commerce for every business out there.

As per Statista.com, in 2021, 80% or more of e-commerce in India will come from shopping through mobile phones.

The advantage is, m-commerce happens anytime, anywhere in the world, in a market, on the road, or even in a train. Anyone with basic mobile internet skills can shop through m-commerce. Customers prefer a mobile app for shopping due to its faster and friendly interface.

Your business gets qualified to compete with multinationals with one perfect mobile app. Let’s see, even if 1% of the multinationals’ customers is looking for an alternative, it will be huge traffic for your business. With one app, you are getting ready to hit such a massive customer base. Linking all your digital presence with an m-commerce app will shoot up the sales conversion percentage.

Your E-commerce Logo on their smartphone

Companies are selling the same product on their websites and mobile app (certain brands have app-exclusive products or offer so that customers install their app). However, people prefer to buy from the mobile app, because of its swiftness & mobility. Fast loading time, UI, size of the app and sometimes offline access are the key factors of a successful e-commerce mobile app.

The e-commerce app must have a great look and feel, easy navigation and user friendliness. A mobile app is never complete if it forgets its product after its launch. It requires continuous updations and maintenance to get the most out of a mobile app. Read more about how NetZoi Technologies can develop the e-commerce mobile apps for your business, with precision.

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